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Top 7 Places To Sell Jewelry To Start A Jewelry Business in 2022

On the off chance that you’ve acquired some gems from a relative or have been storing up your own assortment for quite a long time, you might need to transform that old gems into cash. Or then again perhaps you make your own gems and need to begin a web-based business.

Tracking down the best spot to sell adornments online can feel overwhelming, particularly with such countless choices accessible. We’ve explored and assessed a portion of the top spots to sell your gems online to assist you with maximizing your pieces.

Here are our top picks for selling adornments on the web.

The Best Places to Sell Jewelry Online in 2022

  • Best Overall: Worthy
  • Best for Low Fees: eBay
  • Best for Starting a Business: Etsy
  • Best for Diamond Jewelry: WP Diamonds
  • Best for Store Customization: Shopify
  • Best for Consignment Jewelry: The RealReal

Why We Chose It: With a simple consignment process, free appraisals, and GIA-certified partners, Worthy can help you fetch top-dollar for your jewelry.


  • Quick online submission form to start selling
  • Free jewelry appraisals
  • GIA certification available
  • Cleans, photographs your pieces, and lists items for you

  • Items under $5,000 are charged an 18% commission

Commendable is a web-based extravagance commercial center that helps clients rapidly and effectively sell their gems on the web. They offer transfer, which incorporates a free (safeguarded) delivering mark, cleaning, capturing, and posting of your things, as well as speedy installment after the thing has sold.

The organization accomplices with GIA gemologists for valuable stone examinations and confirmations, and utilizations a data set of past sale costs to assess the retail cost of your thing. They will likewise take proficient photographs and furnish you with an examination report.

Commendable has phenomenal client care to help you anytime all the while. They are open seven days per week and are accessible by telephone, email, online visit, or clients can request a callback. It likewise has an actual area in New York City to help clients.

To get everything rolling with Commendable, just finish up the internet based accommodation structure and you’ll be given a thing assessment through email. In the event that you decide to list with Commendable, you’ll get a pre-filled FedEx mark to deliver your things for posting.

Why We Chose It: EBay is the world’s largest auction site and helps users quickly list and sell their jewelry online. EBay doesn’t charge listing fees for your first 250 items, a rare find.


  • No listing fees on first 250 items
  • Laddered fee structure
  • Over 180 million buyers registered on eBay
  • Mobile app to manage auction on-the-go

  • Strict set of guidelines for selling jewelry
  • Higher risk of scammers

As the biggest closeout site on the planet, eBay permits clients to rapidly list things available to be purchased and has a particular segment for gems on its site, making it simple for a huge number of clients to sort and find the adornments they need to purchase.

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As a merchant, the initial 250 gems postings are free, and dealers just compensation a commission once the thing is sold. While the first $1,000 of a deal causes a 15% charge (industry standard), the higher the deals value, the lower the expense. Costs from $1,000 to $7,500 are just charged a 6.5% expense. Anything above $7,500 is charged a 3% expense.

This laddered structure brings down the expense for more costly things (however can be confounding to work out). Here is a model:

First $1,000 = $150 expense (15%)
Next $6,500 = $422.50 expense (6.5%)
Next $3,000 = $90 expense (3%)
Absolute expense on $10,000 thing = $662.50 (6.6% rate)
As may be obvious, the genuine all out expense is 6.6% on a $10,000 thing, which is significantly less than the business standard. EBay can attach extra charges for additional highlights on your posting, (for example, a “Get it Currently” button), so make a point to survey its vender’s expenses to comprehend what it might cost you to sell on eBay.

To get everything rolling selling your gems with eBay, you can pursue a free record (with an email or Google record), and rundown your things free of charge.

Why We Chose It: Etsy allows users to quickly set up an online shop and list their jewelry for sale. With millions of buyers and low fees, it’s perfect for starting an online jewelry business.


  • Millions of buyers looking for handmade goods
  • Quick registration
  • Low listing and commission fees

  • Additional 15% fee if your item sold from Etsy ads

Etsy is the go-to put for make making entrepreneurs, as it doesn’t charge you to make a web-based shop. Clients can rundown and offer their gems to a huge number of purchasers and the stage has a versatile application to make overseeing deals simple.

Etsy has lots of supportive instructional exercises on setting up your shop and even has an inherent promotions stage to assist with giving your things greater perceivability. It’s essential to note, notwithstanding, that things that sell with leads from a promotion cause an extra 15% charge, bringing down your overall revenue a lot. Etsy offers limits on transportation, helping save money on costs when your thing is sold.

To begin with Etsy, just pursue a record, follow the instructional exercises on setting up your shop, list your things, and begin selling.

Why We Chose It: WP Diamonds buys high-end jewelry, with transparent appraisals and quick payouts on accepted offers.


  • Offers may be lower than retail price, as items are to be re-sold

WP Precious stones is a web-based commercial center for selling very good quality gems, watches, totes, and, surprisingly, free jewels. It spends significant time in buying precious stone adornments and other very good quality pieces. You’ll get a proposition by means of email after you present your things for examination.

WP Precious stones takes additional consideration with its buying interaction, guaranteeing delivered things up to $100,000, recording the examination cycle, and giving clients fast installment on acknowledged offers.

While this might be a fast method for bringing in some cash from your very good quality gems, WP Precious stones might offer you not exactly the retail cost as it will be exchanging your things revenue driven (like a gem dealer). It’s in every case great to look around and get different statements, particularly for top of the line pieces.

To get a proposal from WP Jewels, essentially finish up the internet based structure, depicting and appending photos of your things. In the event that you consent to an examination, you can transport your things by means of a pre-filled FedEx name, have them analyzed, and WP Jewels will give you a proposition. Assuming that you acknowledge the proposition, you might be paid in 24 hours or less.

Why We Chose It: Shopify is an eCommerce platform for creating an online marketplace to sell your jewelry (or any other item). There are multiple themes to choose from, or you can have a developer customize your shop.


  • Pre-made shop themes
  • Hundreds of add-ons to customize user experience
  • No setup fees or commissions

  • Possibly overwhelming to set up for beginners
  • Many add-ons have monthly fees

Shopify is the head online stage for Internet business organizations and completely adjustable for making your web-based gems shop. Shopify offers pre-made layouts for getting everything rolling rapidly, and high level clients can redo each part of the web-based store.

Assuming you make your own gems or do outsourcing of others’ adornments, Shopify can be your customer facing facade. With fast web-based checkout, different installment handling choices, full subject customization, and additional items for things like a single tick upsell, Shopify is the innovator in the Online business space.

To begin constructing your Shopify store, you’ll have to pursue one of its paid plans. On the off chance that you are selling gems on the web, you ought to have the option to fabricate your store and modify it with a Shopify Fundamental arrangement. You can contrast all Shopify plans and evaluating with track down the one that best meets your requirements.

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Why We Chose It: The RealReal is an online luxury consignment retailer that accepts lightly used jewelry, watches, handbags, and other luxury goods. It lists items for free, sells and ships them, and you receive a percentage of the sale.


  • Simple consignment process
  • Luxury buyers looking for higher-end items
  • Full authentication process to get real retail value of item

  • Very high commissions on lower-priced items (up to 60%)

The RealReal is a web-based transfer shop that has practical experience in selling “100 percent credible” extravagance merchandise. It investigates each thing committed for credibility, exchanges the things, and takes a commission for the work.

On the off chance that you are hoping to sell gently utilized adornments, particularly originator gems, The RealReal might assist you with getting more exorbitant costs for your pieces. It staffs in-house GIA-ensured gemologists to assess and verify your adornments. The organization likewise has brick and mortar stores around the U.S. where distributors can come in with the expectation of complimentary assessments of their things to find out about its worth. Clients can relegate in-store also.

Commissions are extremely high in the event that your things are under $149, costing an incredible 60%. Gems sold for $995 or more will in any case cost 30%-35%, so it isn’t modest to entrust with The RealReal. Likewise, in the event that things don’t sell for a specific measure of time, The RealReal might bring down the posting value freely.

To get everything rolling, pursue a web-based account, send over subtleties and photos of your things, and afterward transport them in for assessment and verification. The RealReal will then give you a posting cost, and whenever concurred, they will post them available to be purchased.

In addition, there is another way:

Amazon Handmade

Amazon High quality is Amazon’s miniature store that takes special care of craftsmans selling hand tailored items like gems and artworks.

Amazon High quality is like Etsy, then again, actually Amazon Hand tailored isn’t an independent commercial center.

All things being equal, Amazon Hand tailored postings show up close by other Amazon postings, permitting you to take advantage of Amazon’s tremendous underlying crowd of purchasers.

In general, Amazon Hand tailored has a lot bigger crowd contrasted with Etsy by a variable of 3X. There are no month to month membership expenses for Amazon High quality however you get charged a 15% reference charge for each deal made. Peruse this for a more data on Amazon merchant expenses

Since Amazon is fundamentally bigger than Etsy, selling on Amazon Carefully assembled conveys more benefit potential for gems deals.

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