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The Best Etsy Alternatives For Selling Your Crafts And Handmake Goods

On the off chance that you’re a creator and vender of expressions and specialties or a guardian of rare collectibles, you realize Etsy is a famous web based business stage for changing your enthusiasm into benefits.

With in excess of 45 million purchasers and brilliant memorability, the webpage offers merchants an extraordinary spot to send off and construct a web-based business. Notwithstanding a prepared commercial center, Etsy offers producers a web designer called Example, making it simple on the off chance that you’re beginning a business.

All things considered, Etsy can take your business up until this point. All things considered, it possesses your client list, so you’re restricted concerning marking, client maintenance, and retargeting. Etsy likewise sets creators in opposition to one another by suggesting other Etsy merchants who offer comparative things at the lower part of an item page.

We’ve gathered together a rundown of the best Etsy options that permit you to sell your merchandise on different sites or your own web-based store.

Website-building Etsy alternatives

Shippers who choose to investigate options in contrast to Etsy in the wake of beginning their retail process on the stage frequently do so due to Etsy’s impediments and progressively prohibitive standards. Quite possibly of the most widely recognized reason retailer’s switch is to acquire responsibility for online store.

At the point when you have a store on Etsy, or any outsider web-based commercial center, Etsy possesses the entirety of the information, which makes it hard to run progressed showcasing efforts (like robotized messages or retargeting promotions) across the entirety of your deals channels.

Moreover, on the off chance that your business develops to where you need to switch from carefully assembled creation over completely to outside assembling, your items will presently not be accessible to list on Etsy. Etsy denies exchanging, with the exception of one of a kind things. These imperatives make it hard proportional a new company to a higher level.

On the off chance that you’re a creator with specialties to sell who’s taking a gander at life past Etsy, building your own site might be the best Etsy elective. A web-based store frequently makes for an extraordinary “headquarters” — where you own the substance, information, and your client list — yet gives you the choice to use on different deals channels to enhance your income.

1. Shopify

Price: Monthly plans start at $29, plus transaction fees

We’re one-sided, however for some creators, the subsequent stage in developing their business is proportional deals with a Shopify store. Shopify is an across the board trade stage that allows you to sell on the web, in a retail location or spring up shop, and through virtual entertainment. It likewise offers a full set-up of business instruments and assets, including trader credits through Shopify Capital, a high level retail location arrangement with Shopify POS, and, surprisingly, nearby conveyance devices.

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Shopify’s multi-channel arrangement is easy to understand, with many layouts you can undoubtedly tweak to mirror your marking. Shopify likewise lives on your custom space name, and that implies you own your web-based store and client rundown, and it offers adaptability with plans and estimating levels to help an assortment of business needs.

Moreover, Shopify offers shippers strong examination and underlying showcasing apparatuses. As a matter of fact, numerous ongoing Shopify traders began on Etsy and relocated when they were prepared to develop.

Tips for using Shopify as an Etsy alternative:

  • Incorporate Shopify and Etsy into your multi-channel selling strategy. Shopify has tools that allow merchants to create their own branded experience while fueling a multi-channel approach with their Etsy integration.
  • Consider adding other channels to your strategy with Shopify’s variety of marketplace selling options. According to research by Stitch Labs, retailers who sell on two marketplaces earn 190% more revenue than those who sell on just one.
  • Use the growing list of free Shopify apps to improve your online store’s functionality and sell more online.

Best for: Makers who are ready to get serious about their business and optimize for the most sales and profitability.

2. Big Cartel

Price: Free for up to five products; plans start at $9.99 for up to 50 products

Another alternative to Etsy is Big Cartel, which caters to artists, handmade craft sellers, and entrepreneurs with its tailored community and resources. The platform offers templates you can customize to match your branding, the option to use your own custom domain, and a number of marketing tools. Like Etsy, it’s an excellent place for selling art online.

Big Cartel sellers can set up a free online store or pay a flat monthly fee, depending on the number of products they sell. Shoppers buy directly from your store and can communicate with you through a contact form.

Tips for using Big Cartel as an Etsy alternative:

  • One of the biggest advantages of Etsy is its built-in audience and customer base. While Big Cartel’s online marketplace also offers a platform for makers and crafters, it doesn’t come with that benefit. Instead, because Big Cartel allows you to build your own website and online store, you’re also responsible for driving traffic. If you don’t have a budget or strategy for getting people to your store, Etsy might be a better option.
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Best for: Makers, crafters, and artists who want to test turning their handmade-goods business into its own store and brand.

3. Squarespace

Price: Monthly plans start at $12, plus transaction fees, but to sell products you’ll need one of the plans starting at $18/month. Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial for all of its websites.

Squarespace is another ecommerce platform makers can use. Its user-friendly templates offer drag-and-drop design tools, making it a good option for beginners. Squarespace also lets you import your Etsy site, allowing you to keep your products and product URLs in the process—making it one of the easier alternatives to Etsy if you’re looking to migrate to a stand-alone online store.

Sellers can take advantage of Squarespace’s strong inventory system and market products with built-in social media tools. Squarespace offers a tiered pricing plan that varies based on the features you need. For example, the ability to sell gift cards or subscription products are in the service’s highest pricing tier.

Unlike Etsy, which charges listing fees for each product, Squarespace charges transaction fees on each sale when used as an Etsy alternative.

Tips for using Squarespace as an Etsy alternative:

  • Squarespace requires a similar level of technical know-how as Etsy: virtually none. It’s one of the easiest ways to DIY your online store. However, because it’s a complete website builder while Etsy offers a specific ecommerce tool, Squarespace requires more time and patience to set up. You can consider investing in outsourced web design and development resources to help if you have the budget.

Best for: Entrepreneurs on a tight budget who want to invest the time into DIYing their ecommerce site.

4. Amazon Handmade

Price: Artists pay a 15% referral fee with a $1 minimum

Amazon dominates many areas of retail, and it might not be the first place a shopper would look when searching for something handmade and unique. However, that didn’t stop the retail giant from entering into the craft and artisan marketplace. Amazon Handmade offers makers an Amazon storefront to sell their items.

Benefits of Amazon Handmade include shipping through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), no listing expiration, insightful analytics, and Amazon-sponsored ads. The costs are higher than other marketplace platforms, though, with Amazon taking a 15% commission per transaction as well as a monthly membership fee, depending on the number of items listed. Fees for Amazon Handmade sellers also work out to be more expensive than for Etsy sellers, unless products are priced around $5 or less.

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Tips for using Amazon Handmade as an Etsy alternative:

  • Bear in mind that Amazon has similar restrictions, if not stricter, to Etsy when it comes to customer data. It owns the customer relationship and doesn’t allow merchants to take that relationship outside of its platform to other sales channels. It’s also been said that Amazon has a lengthier application process for new sellers.
  • Though FBA may be convenient, especially for merchants who are new to multi-channel selling, it’s not always the best option—especially for handmade goods. These products and experiences typically come with an extra personal touch that Amazon Handmade just can’t match.

Best for: Etsy sellers who want to give a boost to their sales.

5. Goimagine

Price: $2.50/month with 5% transaction fee at “Starter” level

Another marketplace site similar to Etsy, goimagine is sets itself apart by donating 100% of all transaction fees to charitable causes for children—specifically, Horizons for Homeless Children ( and Relief Nursery ( Goimagine also stands out for its strong commitment to hosting handmade crafts only, with guidelines requiring that products be made by the seller or a small group of family and/or employees using hand tools or light machinery.

Like some other Etsy alternatives, goimagine offers makers the option (at the All-Star subscription level) to have a stand-alone site as well as access to its marketplace customer base. Sellers can use the built-in tools in goimagine’s Seller Dashboard to view sales statistics, track orders, and manage their inventory. New users can also import products from their existing Etsy accounts by emailing a CSV file to goimagine’s support team.

Goimagine offers three subscription tiers with a range of pricing and inventory capacity:

  • Starter: $2.50/month plus 5% transaction fees for up to 25 products
  • Growth: $5/month plus 4.5% transaction fees for up to 100 products
  • All-Star: $10/month plus 3.5% transaction fees for up to 1000 products

Tips for using GoImagine as an Etsy alternative:

  • Consider saving your unique and one-of-a-kind items for goimagine and keeping your “generic” products on Etsy. Those looking for your unusual items can find them through a Google search, while there’s more search competition for something like “personalized coasters.”

Best for: Etsy sellers looking to sell handmade products and contribute to a good cause.


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