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The 12 Biggest Amazon Competitors – Everything You Need To Know

Amazon, sent off by president and Chief Jeff Bezos in 1994 right beyond Seattle, Washington, is a worldwide web based business goliath. With $232 billion in net deals every year, Amazon is the most prevailing web-based store in presence today.

As a matter of fact, Forbes revealed in May that Amazon had outperformed Walmart to turn into the world’s biggest retailer.

Each online business storekeeper requirements to confront the truth that they are contending with Amazon.

Your industry and the size of your business doesn’t make any difference. Assuming that you sell actual items on the web, you’re facing Amazon. They sell everything; you might purchase a pre-constructed minimalistic house on their foundation.

In the U.S. alone, Amazon controls 45% of the web based business portion of the overall industry. That is up from 34% in 2016 and expected to overshadow half by 2021.

Basically, Amazon is indicating that things are not pulling back any time soon.

However large as Amazon may be, the organization actually has its reasonable part of contenders. Web-based feature Netflix contends with Amazon Prime Video. Google Home items contend with Amazon’s remote helper Alexa. In the distributed computing field, Microsoft Purplish blue and Google Cloud both contend with Amazon Web Administrations (AWS).

Also, that is simply on the innovation side — there are a lot of B2B and B2C internet business stores clashing with Amazon and flourishing.

I’ve recognized Amazon’s greatest rivals to show you how different sites can in any case have progress here. In this aide, I’ll likewise make sense of how online business stores can rival Amazon with noteworthy, truth based tips.

Assuming you own an online business site, you want to continue to peruse. We should make a plunge.

Top 12 Amazon Competitors

When we look at competitors of Amazon, we can see that it is majorly categorized into 3 groups.

  1. eCommerce competitors
  2. Brick and mortar stores
  3. Video, music and ebooks

So let us get right into the list of competitors:

eCommerce competitors

Though Amazon has established itself as a technology company, it still drives maximum revenue from its eCommerce sector.

Here are some of its competitors in this sector.

1. Alibaba Group

  • Founded year – 1999
  • Headquarter – Hangzhou, China
  • Current Revenue – US $165.39 billion

Alibaba is an international giant online retailer that specializes in wholesale commerce. As the business grew, Alibaba separated into 3 businesses in order for better management and expansion.

Between these three businesses, Alibaba Group now offers products and services in B2B, B2C, and C2C verticals.


  • Founded year – 1998
  • Headquarter – Beijing, China
  • Current Revenue – US $108.3 Billion also known as Jindong was started in 1998 as a retail store and went online in 2004.

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They quickly branched out into selling electronics, phones, computers etc. and in recent times they are invested in AI and robotics.

They are a very technology driven company that aims at offering value to their customers and partners. They are also one of the top eCommerce companies in China.

3. Flipkart

  • Founded year – 2007
  • Headquarter – Bengaluru, India
  • Current Revenue – US $6.1 Billion

Much like Amazon, Flipkart too started out as an online bookstore that aimed at shipping books to all over the country.

Their quick growth as a notable online retailer in India caught the attention of Walmart, who acquired more than 75% of their shares in 2018.

4. Ebay

  • Founded year – 1995
  • Headquarter – California, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $10.2 billion

Ebay started out as a platform where people could sell their new or used products to other people. They are considered to be the pioneers in online C2C business.

However, over the years, they have branched out in B2C sales, selling a range of products under all categories.

Brick and mortar competitors

Though online shopping has become a way of life, there are still a major percentage of people who prefer traditional shopping in brick and mortar stores.

Probably that is the reason these brick and mortar stores can compete with giants like Amazon!

5. Walmart

  • Founded year – 1962
  • Headquarter – Arkansas, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $559 billion

Though Walmart is better known for its really successful brick and mortar department stores, they also have a notable online presence.

Their success mantra involves high-quality products across various categories, top-notch service and enticing deals/ discounts on a regular basis.

6. Target

  • Founded year – 1902
  • Headquarter – Minnesota, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $93.56 billion

One of the oldest and largest discount retailers in the world, Target sells a range of products including clothes, electronics, furniture, home decor, and more.

Target is considered as a convenient place to shop and garners a loyal following like no other retail store.

7. Costco

  • Founded year – 1976
  • Headquarter – Washington, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $192.05 billion

Costco is one of the huge chains of retail stores that is operated in over 100 locations across tthe world. They sell a range of products including electronics, furnitures, books, gifts, clothing, baby products, etc.

One of their unique points being that their products are available at budget friendly prices for all customers.

8. Best Buy

  • Founded year – 1966
  • Headquarter – Minnesota, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $47.26 billion

Best buy is a brand that has stores both online and offline and they specialize in selling electronic goods.

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They are technologically advanced and their automatic brand recognition system is known to be ahead of all the competitors, including Amazon.

Video, music and books

Apart from the retail sales, Amazon also makes a huge revenue through their subscription services like Amazon video, Amazon music and Amazon kindle ebooks.

These similar brands have managed to shine through in the market proving to be tough competitors to Amazon services.

9. Netflix

  • Founded year – 1997
  • Headquarter – California, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $28.63 billion

Netflix is a video streaming platform that is considered a great competition to amazon prime video. However, the fact is that Netflix has way more subscribers than Amazon, nearly 80 million more.

Even by revenue, Netflix is doing comparatively better than Amazon prime video. They are available for streaming in over 190 countries worldwide.

10. Hulu

  • Founded year – 2007
  • Headquarter – California, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $1.5 billion

Though Hulu is not as famous as Netflix yet, it still has a huge number of subscribers, which are increasing steadily every year.

Hulu keeps its competitive edge over the other video streaming platforms by working with companies like Disney and providing live TV options.

11. Apple Music

  • Founded year – 2015
  • Headquarter – Los Angeles, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $4.1 billion

When it comes to the music sector, Apple Music can be considered as a solid competition to amazon prime music.

Apple music has a huge subscriber count, which exceeds that of amazon music. This is because Apple music is integrated with Apple iOS devices, which have a loyal following.

12. Google Play Books

  • Founded year – 2010
  • Headquarter – California, USA
  • Current Revenue – US $38.6 billion (Google play apps)

In the ebooks category, Google play books seems to be a worthy competitor to Amazon kindle ebooks.

Since it is a part of Google play which is integrated with every android device ever, Google play is automatically subscribed to by all the android users. Which puts google play books forward by numbers, but the reputation is still a little weak.

These are just some brands that are considered as top Amazon competitors, but the fact is, many more businesses and brands are rising to the competition all over the world.

That said, as a seller or a business owner, if you like to know how you can find your competitive edge over brands like Amazon, then keep reading!

How can small businesses find their competitive edge?

As we have seen above, there are a ton of brands out there that are finding real success. Every single one of them has a one of a kind selling point that gives them the upper hand over large brands like Amazon.

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At the point when you view at the brand all in all, it is extremely difficult to see that however they draw a decent benefit consistently, being a vender on any of these stages isn’t remunerating in any way.

From a dealer’s or a trader’s perspective, these stages have a few extremely normal downsides which are:

  • High membership charges
  • High commission on every sale
  • Loss of all leverage
  • Loss of the identity of their business/ brand
  • Inadequate seller support

You are not the primary individual to be worn out on these colossal stages, similar to Amazon clutching lumps of your edges. There are large number of venders and entrepreneurs who think the same way.

For these very reasons, individuals need to begin their own store online on a reliable Internet business stage instead of sell on Amazon.

We could draw the absolute best characteristics of these amazon contenders referenced previously. With these illustrations, you can begin your own internet based store and assemble your own image.

To do as such, you really want to pick an Online business stage that sees generally your problem areas and enhances you and your business. There are a few best Web based business stages out there, each with their own upsides and downsides.

Obviously, there are your heritage choices like Shopify, BigCommerce, and so forth. Notwithstanding, these stages are really costly and a large portion of them need the traders to have specialized information to set up their internet based store.

Taking into account that not all traders and entrepreneurs have specialized information or coding abilities, the best new age choice is a stage like Dukaan.

Beginning your web-based store is made totally straightforward with Dukaan. It is essentially as straightforward as making a WhatsApp bunch. You should simply join on Dukaan, login with your telephone number, add a name for your business and pick the business classification.

That is all there is to it. Your web-based store is presently prepared. You can begin adding items to your store inventory.

You even need no specialized abilities to set up your store. There are a scope of prepared to-utilize subjects to make your store look tasteful and proficient.

Dukaan’s readymade item records make it a cakewalk to transfer items to your store. There are a scope of items recorded in different classifications for you to browse.

Well beyond all, Dukaan is a stage that is committed to giving an important stage to dealers and shippers from one side of the planet to the other. They are ceaselessly endeavoring towards understanding a merchant’s trouble spots and giving answers for them.

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