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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Timeless and Unique

When it comes to choosing the best engagement ring for you and your loved one, every step is a personal choice. Deciding to buy a rose gold engagement ring is no different. Below we are going to give you a few helpful tips to guide you in your decision.

Rose gold has been a popular choice for engagement rings with center diamonds that are warmer in color I, J, and K color. It has been a common belief that rose gold masks the warm tone of diamonds that are within the near colorless to faint color range. Diamonds do reflect the colors that are around them therefore warmer diamonds can appear to have a pink tint of warmth when set in rose gold, which is quite lovely. If you are selecting rose gold for your ring because you are planning on selecting a faint color diamond, choosing a setting that has platinum prongs will help the diamond reflect white from underneath while blending with the rose gold on the ring when viewed from the top.

One fact that is not often recognized is the stunning contrast of colorless diamonds against the pink warm tone of rose gold. Some believe that selecting a colorless diamond for a rose gold engagement ring is not prefered. Should you consider a rose gold engagement ring if you are selecting a colorless diamond? We say, absolutely yes! We not only prefer colorless diamonds set in rose gold, we believe it is a fantastic choice. Diamonds in the D, E or F color range appear even brighter when set in a rose gold basket or prong set engagement ring. Rose gold is also an excellent choice for rings that have a hidden halo of diamonds. This specific detail stands out beautifully in rose gold.

Still not sure if a gold rose gold engagement ring is the right choice for you? Look for an engagement ring that has subtle hints of rose gold. Select a rose gold engagement ring setting that has french cut pave diamonds on the band. The french cut pave setting style has the least amount of visible metal. The diamonds typically extend to the edge of each side of the ring. When viewed from the top, only the small rose gold prongs are visible and when viewed from the side the rose gold blends into most skin tones.

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Reasons for Choosing a Rose Gold Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring

1. Rose Gold makes a beautiful alternative to White Gold and Platinum

Many of our Rose Gold jewellery designs come from our bespoke design service. It makes a popular choice for bespoke jewellery designs. Since many jewellery chains opt for a standard White Gold for their window, Rose Gold stands apart. For this reason, the choice lends itself to alternative jewellery styles.

2. Rose Gold adds warmth in colour

The natural pink colour of the Copper makes this choice the warmest of all of the precious metal alloys.

3. Copper hues suit white or brown diamonds

Choose Rose Gold to complement both white or brown diamonds. Chocolate brown diamonds make excellent gemstones better suited to Rose than to White Gold.

4. Rose Gold mixes well with all Gold colours

Add rose gold to a white gold wedding ring, and possibly a matching yellow gold eternity rings and the colours just work so well together.

Tri-colour combinations of metal have been used for many types of jewellery from wedding rings to diamond earrings.

We regularly make jewellery with two or three precious metals in one item. Alternative choices include stacking rings in all three colours to create a set.

5. Rose Gold can be mounted with a Platinum setting

This metal choice can be combined with a platinum setting with ease, or with a white gold setting.

6. It’s less expensive than White Gold but has a high intrinsic value

With the soaring price of Gold, Rose Gold continues to rise in price. As a result, this metal choice holds its intrinsic value.

7. Rose Gold makes a modern metal choice

Current fashion trends project Rose Gold metals to new heights. From accessories to high-end jewellery. As a result, many buyers choose it for cutting-edge contemporary jewellery designs.

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In addition to engagement rings and wedding rings, other ring designs make modern style choices. For example, Rose Gold Signet Rings in smaller ladies sizes. We create many of our Signet Rings as petite designs, plain or customised.

8. It suits vintage engagement ring styles

Rose gold has a perfect application to compliment Vintage styles of engagement ring combining well with antique styling and vintage details. In addition, Vintage wedding rings styled in Rose Gold appear throughout our collection.

What diamond shapes work well with rose gold rings?

There aren’t really any restrictions when it comes to diamond shapes for rose gold rings and you can go for pretty much anything you want. As a rule of thumb, however, most people who opt for rose gold rings prefer more rounded diamond shapes such as round, oval, pear or heart cuts but comes down to a matter of preference.

The more square-shaped cuts such as princess, emerald, radiant, cushion and others can also look good on a rose gold ring but most people prefer to accent the romantic softness of the rose gold with a delicate diamond shape with curves.

Additionally, rose gold typically has a more classic and vintage feel to it and square-shaped diamond cuts are more often preferred for contemporary styled rings. However, again, this comes down to preference so there are no rules about this. Choose the diamond shape that works for you.

What settings look good with rose gold?

As with the diamond shapes, rose gold doesn’t really restrict the settings you can use in a significant way and you can opt for whichever ring setting strikes your fancy.

Still, most people prefer more classical settings such as solitaire and bezel settings as these complement the vintage look of the rose gold. If you do want something more brilliant, a rich halo setting can also look very romantic on a rose gold ring, not to mention that it will shield a colorless diamond from reflecting rosy hues due to the diamonds around it.

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Settings such as pave, side stone, three stone, and channel are also perfectly viable for rose gold rings and beautifully blends the diamonds with the rose gold hue. However, some may argue that these settings tend to hide the beauty of the rose gold band. This comes down to a matter of opinion.

Should I get a rose gold engagement ring?

If you like how it looks, there are lots of advantages to rose gold:

  • Rose gold is more durable than other gold alloys, because of the copper content in it. This makes it more resistant to scratches and dents.
  • Rose gold has a unique look that’s perfect for engagement rings, with a soft, delicate look that tends to suit all skin tones.
  • It’s relatively easy to maintain as it doesn’t have any special coating that require extra care, unlike white gold which requires periodic rhodium plating.

Pretty much the only thing you’ll need to consider more carefully is whether your future bride-to-be will like this color – some people love it, others don’t.

How popular are rose gold engagement rings?

While yellow and white gold, as well as other white metals, are the more popular choices for engagement rings, rose gold is has become increasingly popular in recent years. It presents a unique option for people who want a more unique style, and it combines a vintage and classic aesthetic as well as a unique and trendy vibe. More importantly, not only is rose gold popular today but you can be pretty sure that it will continue to be popular for decades to come because of its unique look and high overall quality. Rose gold engagement rings have lasted the test of time and it’s safe to say, they’ll continue being popular.



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