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Everything You Need to Know About Trellis Engagement Rings

When the term is used in a jewelry context it is referring to a specific way in which a stone is held within a ring. This particular one consists of usually four prongs that come out of the ring itself. These prongs hold the stone in place within the ring to ensure that it stays where it is supposed to. It is a very common type of engagement rings all around the world. It has become a classic.

What Is A Trellis Ring Setting?

This is a very popular choice, it has been so for a very long time. Trellis is excellent for diamonds, it is a prong setting that forms a beautiful trellis. They help showcase that particular kind of stone in a great way. Diamonds are the traditional stone that is chosen for an engagement ring. That makes trellis the ideal choice for this kind of jewelry. You will find a lot of them around, and there are some great options to choose from. You are sure to impress your future wife and everyone around the both of you if you decide to go with a diamond trellis engagement ring.

What amount of stones is common for trellis setting?

It is very common to find different amounts of stones in this kind of ring. The most common ones you are going to find are single stone solitaire trellis ring, 3 stone trellis ring and 5 stone trellis ring.

Is trellis setting is safe for diamond engagement ring?

You would be right to wonder about how safe this type of ring might be. You do not want to lose your stone, after all. The good news is that a trellis ring is a very safe method for holding a stone. It may not seem as safe as other kinds that hold the stone with more metal, but it truly is quite effective at its job and it will hold whatever stone you have chosen for your ring very well. You are very unlikely to have issues about this with a trellis ring. You can be sure that your stone will be safe in the hands of your loved one.

What are the advantages of trellis setting ?

One of the great benefits that come with a trellis setting on your ring is the fact that the stone will be a lot more visible than with other methods of holding stones. It is great to show off a particularly beautiful stone such as a diamond. The gemstone will get more light, which means that it can reflect and refract it more. That often means that you will see it shine a lot more often. If you decided to go the extra mile and spend on a great stone you should keep a Trellis setting in mind as an option for it.

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How exactly is Trellis ring setting different from the rest?

In comparison to your regular prong or bezel setting, the trellis is certainly more pleasing to the eyes. From the design element, it showcases prongs that interweave each other in an almost artistic way. Typically, this setting will feature four prongs, however more can be used too.

From the perspective of functionality, it provides support to the center stone, and sometimes even the accompanying gems (two/three-stone design). The interlaced prongs keep the gem/s well-protected, irrespective of its shape. So, this setting can be used with round, oval, cushion and even princess-cut stones, among others.

Many times, the trellis setting can be further accentuated with the help of intricate metal work, such as milgrain and filigree. Together they lend an ornate look to the gallery and offer a stunning side-view of the ring.

Pros and Cons

The trellis setting obviously looks great. But does it offer any other benefits? And are there any downsides that you should be aware of?

Let’s find out…


  1. Refined look: The trellis is a stylish upgrade of the classic prong setting. Its interwoven pattern exudes an elegant and timeless appeal. The ornate gallery provides a pretty side-view, so your ring looks gorgeous from every angle.
  2. Safety: The interconnected design of the prongs in the trellis setting helps to secure the gem in place. Even if one prong gets bent or broken, the others will help hold the gem firmly.
  3. Works well with multiple stones: The trellis setting does its job effectively irrespective of the number of gems. Hence, it works well with rings featuring both single and multiple-stones.
  4. Versatility: Think the trellis setting is only fit for diamonds? Absolutely not! It can be used to elevate the beauty of any piece, featuring absolutely any kind of gemstone.
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  1. Cleaning issues: Due to its structure, cleaning a ring with the trellis setting can be slightly difficult and may take extra time. This is because there are many nooks and corners present in its design where dirt and grime can easily get accumulated.
  2. Limited availability: Unfortunately, this beautiful setting is not as common as the prong or bezel. So, you might have to look a little harder to find a piece that has this. If you’ve really set your heart on the trellis, but are unable to find a suitable piece then do consider getting something customized to fit your preference.

Can any diamond shape have a trellis setting?

Yes! That makes it a very flexible choice for your setting. Everything from cushion cut solitaires to pear-shaped diamonds are beautifully showcased by a trellis setting — the prongs can be rounded to cradle a rounded stone, or straight to hold a squared shape like the emerald cut.

Benefits of a trellis engagement ring

The profile of your ring might seem arbitrary. But just because you don’t see it all that often doesn’t mean it won’t be admired. And the benefits of this engagement ring style go well beyond the aesthetic beauty of the side of your ring. Here are a couple of the benefits of opting for this airy setting that might just sway you:

  • More light can hit your stone, because the trellis setting creates “windows” around the diamond that might be obscured in settings that require more metal. The result: Increased brilliance and fire.
  • A trellis setting will securely hold your stone. The criss-cross design offers extra stability.
  • Because this setting is more open, it shows off the pavilion of your stone or stones. (Remember, that’s the cone-shaped lower part of a diamond.)
  • A trellis setting adds visual interest to the sides of your ring. You might not see the sides often, but other people do. Give them a thrill.
  • The open configuration offers extra area for accent diamonds, if you’re into that.
  • If her personal taste runs to more intricate designs, a trellis setting allows filigree work to be added without overwhelming the overall look of the ring, because it’s on the side.
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Price of a trellis engagement ring

The price of a trellis setting varies, depending on how many accent diamonds are included or how much metal work is done on the profile. Simple settings will cost less than those with accent diamonds. Ready to start shopping for a trellis engagement ring, or perhaps another style? Our expert on-staff gemologists are on call 24-7 to answer your questions and help you find the perfect setting and stone, on any budget.

Reasons to Choose a Trellis Ring Setting

Trellis ring settings add more detail and style to a standard prong setting. It’s the ideal choice if you want a ring that’s a little more elaborate but still subtle.

Trellis rings are very durable because of the additional support the prongs provide each other. Being connected adds more strength to the setting, so that even if a prong gets damaged, it can still stay in place and hold the diamond.

Trellis rings also provide a lot of visibility to the diamond, just like any prong setting. Even though it has more detail, it still allows the diamond to sparkle and have good light interaction. This gives you a very brilliant diamond that’s still very secure.

Despite the added detail, trellis rings aren’t much more expensive than standard prong settings. If all else is equal, the trellis ring could be equal or just slightly more expensive. To get an idea of the difference, compare this classic three stone ring with this trellis three stone ring. The prices are the same for both settings.

One other thing to note – trellis ring settings can be limited compared to other types of settings. In this case, your best bet is to commission your own engagement ring design or to carefully sort through reputable retailers to find your trellis setting.

We recommend searching on Blue Nile and/or James Allen for a wide range of settings, excellent prices and superb customer service.


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