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BigCommerce Vs Shopify – Which is the Best Online Store Builder?

BigCommerce vs Shopify — which is best? In this detailed comparison, I’m going to help you find out! Read on to get a list of all the key pros and cons of these leading ecommerce platforms, along with a list of some of the best alternatives available.

Let’s dive in with an important question…

What do BigCommerce and Shopify do?

BigCommerce and Shopify are online store developers that permit you sell physical or computerized items.

They’re predominantly focused on individuals who are beginning a business without an enormous spending plan for web improvement — the people who need to adopt a ‘DIY’ strategy to building an internet based store.

(All things considered, the two devices can likewise be utilized in a more ‘corporate’ setting as well — I check this later on in the examination out).

The two items run in an internet browser, and that truly intends that there is no product to introduce on your PC, and you can deal with your store from anyplace, inasmuch as you have a Web association.

The critical thought behind the two instruments is that you can utilize them to assemble a web-based store without expecting to code anything. You pick a layout from the reach gave, transfer your items, set your costs and you are — in principle in any event — all set.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify are ‘programming as a help’ (SaaS) devices. This truly intends that there is a continuous expense to utilize them — you pay a month to month or yearly charge for admittance to the product.

Furthermore, discussing expenses…

BigCommerce pricing vs Shopify pricing

Quite possibly the earliest — albeit not really the most significant — questions that potential BigCommerce and Shopify clients ask is ‘what amount do they cost?’

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In this way, we should investigate that.

BigCommerce offers 4 pricing plans:

  • BigCommerce Standard: $29.95 per month

  • BigCommerce Plus: $79.95 per month

  • BigCommerce Pro: $299.95 per month

  • BigCommerce Enterprise: varies depending on requirements

A 10% discount is offered on the ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ plans if you pay upfront for a year, and a15-day free trial is also available.

BigCommerce’s least expensive three plans structure a piece of its ‘Basics’ range, which are currently promoted in an unmistakable way from its Venture level arrangement — pay special attention to the ‘Fundamentals’ tab on the BigCommerce site or snap here to get to them.

Shopify pricing

Shopify offers 5 pricing plans:

  • Starter: $5 per month

  • Basic: $29 per month

  • Shopify: $79 per month

  • Advanced: $299 per month

  • Shopify Plus: pricing varies depending on requirements

(The above Shopify plan costs are in USD. Plan names are steady across nations, however Shopify’s expenses beyond the US can, contingent upon the region/cash included, once in a while work out undeniably higher than in the US).

Huge limits can be profited of by deciding to pay forthright for a Shopify plan. Contingent upon your region, paying forthright for a year qualifies you for 10% to half off your arrangement; from there on, paying forthright for 2 or 3 years ahead of time gives you a 20% or 25% markdown individually.

BigCommerce vs Shopify: Pros and Cons

Before you can conclude whether you need to get to Essential Shopify, or Shopify Premium, or investigate the choices with adding HTML to BigCommerce, it merits taking a fast look and the upsides and downsides of each. All Web based business webpage building devices accompany their up-sides and negatives to consider.

A few instruments include free topics and SSL testament offers, while others convey phenomenal deals devices, and astounding backend convenience.

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We should begin with the Advantages and disadvantages of Shopify.

Shopify Pros 👍

  • Excellent for adding sales features to your eCommerce site
  • A range of plans to choose from, including Shopify Plus and Advanced Shopify
  • Great backend with tons of ways to add functionality with plugin tools and extensions
  • Vast community full of people to help you out, including Shopify Experts
  • Brilliant Inventory system for managing your transactions
  • Support for multi-channel selling on social media platforms and other environments
  • Lots of themes and designs to choose from
  • Support is excellent, with a 24-hour dedicated team

Shopify Cons 👎

  • Limited options for scalability: You’ll need to rely on third-party multi-currency apps
  • Transaction fees are an issue unless you’re using Shopify Payments
  • You need to reformat your site every time you switch templates
  • The blogging features aren’t as good as they are elsewhere
  • URL structures aren’t ideal for SEO

Now let’s consider the Pros and Cons of BigCommerce:

BigCommerce Pros 👍

  • Tons of built in features for online selling
  • No transaction fees to worry about, so more of your money goes to you
  • Lots of solid SEO features to help you rank online
  • Scalability for companies who want to grow rapidly online
  • Fantastic multi-channel selling capabilities

BigCommerce Cons 👎

  • Difficult for beginners to use, particularly with complex terminology
  • Requires some knowledge of coding if you want to get the most out of the tech
  • BigCommerce plans come with annual sales thresholds – if you cross them, you pay more
  • Multi-lingual stores aren’t easy to create with BigCommerce
  • Editing interface can be difficult for beginners

BigCommerce vs Shopify: Enterprise Plans

While you’re contrasting the choices between what BigCommerce offers, and what’s accessible with your Shopify plan, it’s significant that there are valuing contemplations that go past the essential bundles you see on the Shopify and BigCommerce sites.

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In the event that you’re running a bigger store and taking a ton of exchanges through PayPal or another installment door, you could have to contact the Shopify application or BigCommerce group about Big business plans.

BigCommerce has BigCommerce Venture, while Shopify offers Shopify In addition to. These instruments are simply undertaking grade variants of the devices that you can as of now get from Shopify and BigCommerce. In any case, the endeavor redesign implies you in all actuality do get additional usefulness, as:

  • Improved server uptime
  • Dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates
  • Advanced API support for developers
  • Improved security features

Undertaking accounts generally accompany more client assistance and onboarding support as well. Nonetheless, you should contact the group to get a statement for a help that is tailor-made for you. Pursuing the decision between Shopify versus BigCommerce for an Endeavor plan will start with a discussion with the outreach group for each organization.

BigCommerce Undertaking accompanies a 15-day free preliminary, as well as:

  • No transaction fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Responsive and customizable themes
  • Built-in tools and apps for growth
  • Security to set and forget with DDoS protection
  • Multi-channel selling

Shopify In addition to is a practical venture stage intended for fast development. Organizations like Lindt, Heinz, and numerous others as of now utilize this help. Highlights incorporate everything from 3D item pages, to completely adaptable checkout pages

You can likewise:

  • Access stronger security
  • Unlock custom automation strategies
  • Accelerate checkout performance
  • Get bespoke customer service from the Shopify team
  • Create localized experiences for global customers
  • Eliminate transaction fees with Shopify Payments


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