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A Secret Weapon for Doing Competitor and Supplier Research

ImportYeti look through the Opportunity of Data Represent public bills of ladings. This data is utilized by each huge eCom merchant or FBA Vender, yet was beforehand excessively costly, hard to track down and challenging for the typical individual to utilize.

As per the organizer David Applegate

ImportYeti is the mix of some personal time made by the Covid and my longing to reward the eCom people group that has given me to such an extent.

Bill of ladings are public data that each huge eCom proprietor or FBA merchant I know utilizes yet they are excessively cost restrictive, testing to get and challenging to use for the regular person. ImportYeti will likely take care of that issue.

I just need to make things that individuals truly love. In the event that you partook in this device, have any thoughts for how to further develop it, or can imagine alternate ways we can assist the eCom people group, I with wanting to hear from you.

What is Importyeti?


Importyeti searches through bills of lading, the documents that suppliers attach to shipments to their customers, to tell you where a retailer is getting its goods.  ImportYeti searches 70,000,000 public bill of ladings to help you find the right supplier.

Source selection is the biggest challenge in building a product. Sources for many big brands are the same, so if you’re trying to break into a market with a small company or startup (yoga mats), knowing where your competitors source their products can make a huge difference. You can be competitive if you can get the same products at a lower price.

Many brands outsource production to Asia, as they don’t produce their products. ImportYeti’s information allows competitors to know where to find similar products if they are looking to buy them in bulk.

How Does ImportYeti Work?

ImportYeti works by collating over 70 million US customs sea shipment records into a searchable database online.

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All you have to do is type in the name of the retailer you wish to research and ImportYeti returns the following information.

  • Total sea shipments over time
  • A list of suppliers
  • Product breakdowns based on HS Code
  • A list of top 10 wholesale vendors
  • Top 10 supplier relationships
  • A breakdown of imports per country
  • A list of most recent sea shipments

You can use this information to reach out to the same factories as your competitors and have your goods made by pre-vetted suppliers.

Is ImportYeti Legit?

ImportYeti is 100% legit and safe to use. The software simply collates information that is publicly available online into a searchable database.

In the United States, customs data and import records are public information. As a result, any company that imports products into the US from a foreign country by sea is documented on the public record.

All import records can be accessed directly from the United States Customs And Border Protection Agency. Other countries provide similar documentation but ImportYeti only supports the United States at the present time.

How DoesImportyeti gets it’s Data?

Importyeti gets it’s dats from US Customs records. These records are public information through a Freedom information Act Request and cost thousands of dollars. It is literally sent on CDs and could be the size of 40GB and very messy.

These data can be a struggle to get and as such only available to be used as a secret weapon by big ecommerce stores and Fortune 500 companies. What Imporyeti has done is to simplify the whole process and make this useful data available to the average person who run an ecommerce business for free.

The data pages offer a wealth of interesting information. We find out from the above-mentioned suppliers of yoga mats Mandukaas advertised in its Marketing, imports from Germany, among others, while Gaiam Sources mainly from Asia. Meanwhile a search for Apple shows us the technology monster Imports from Hon Hai, Quanta and Foxconn affiliates.

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The system searches over 70 million bills of lading to understand which suppliers to choose based on data rather than than empty claims and seemingly endless options

How To Use Import Yeti To Find Suppliers

Finding suppliers with ImportYeti involves 4 basic steps.

  • Find the legal name of the company you are trying to research
  • Use ImportYeti to find out your competitor’s suppliers
  • Research potential suppliers by browsing the US import records
  • Determine whether the supplier is a good fit for your company

Step 1: Find The Legal Name Of The Company

Before you use ImportYeti to conduct a search, you must find the legal entity name of your competitor’s business.

First off, locate the brand that you are trying to research. In this example, we are going to find the legal entity for a private label company on Amazon selling garlic presses.

The brand name is “Mitba” but typing this name into ImportYeti yields no results.

This means that the brand Mitba” is not the name of the importer on record. Before performing a search on ImportYeti, you must find the real company name.

Every serious brand on Amazon files for Amazon Brand Registry which requires a trademark.

As a result, you can find the actual company name by performing a trademark search.

Using a tool like Justia, perform a search on the brand name.

Justia reveals that the brand “Mitba” is registered under Giladi Adi.

Step 2: Perform A Search On ImportYeti

Now that you know the legal entity behind the brand, you can type that into ImportYeti to retrieve the results. In this example, you would type “Giladi Adi” into the tool.


There is a match!


By clicking on the result, ImportYeti will return all of the import records for the company.


Step 3: Use The Import Records To Research Potential Suppliers

ImportYeti will provide you with a list of suppliers that the company uses along with detailed shipping records for each vendor.


According to ImportYeti, the brand “Mitba” imports their garlic presses from a company called Shanghai Shindig International.

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From here, ImportYeti allows you to perform further research on the supplier by clicking a link.


Using ImportYeti, you can quickly perform due diligence on any of your competitor’s suppliers to answer the following questions.

  • Does the supplier ship to your country? – If the supplier has never shipped to your home country, then you should not use that vendor.
  • How large and established is the supplier? – Check to see how many customers the supplier works with. If a supplier makes only a few shipments per year, then they are likely a small factory or middleman.
  • What production volume can the supplier handle? – Based on the size of shipments sent, you can determine whether a factory has the capacity to meet your production requirements.
  • Does the supplier work with reputable brands? – If a supplier works with well known brands, they are likely reliable with exceptional quality control.

Step 4: Determine Supplier Fit For Your Company

Just because you find a reputable supplier on ImportYeti does not mean that the vendor will be a good fit for your company.

You also have to find out whether the factory can match your production requirements.

For example, popular brands like “OXO”, “Sur La Table” and “William Sonoma” import garlic presses from a company called Wonder Household.

As a result, this factory likely produces high quality products with excellent quality control.

However, these companies also import hundreds of thousands of units per month and likely have extremely high minimum order quantities.


If you are a brand new seller, you can’t use the same factories as the larger players.

Instead, you want to find a supplier that is willing to work with a company your size.

Overall, there are different factory types that work with different sized companies. Browse the shipping volumes for each manufacturer to find one that meets your requirements.

For more information, read this post on how to approach a new wholesale supplier.

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