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A Complete Guide To Sell Products On Handshake and A New Way to Do Wholesale on Shopify

As you adventure into the Internet business world and begin selling your items and administrations, you are supposed to construct a web-based presence. This is where you really want a web-based store to grandstand your items and administrations, draw in with clients, acknowledge installments, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Shopify is a one-stop answer for this multitude of necessities. With Shopify, you can make an Online business store for your business and use it to sell your items, market them, draw in with your clients, and so on.

Shopify has as of late sent off a Discount Commercial center, prevalently known as Handshake Shopify. It is the best stage for the two providers and retailers. It gives retailers admittance to great many items from the best providers. It likewise gives the open door to new organizations to mark their discount market. With Handshake Shopify, providers and retailers can associate with one another to make enduring business and versatile connections.

The article acquaints you with Shopify, Handshake, and their key elements. It likewise gives an exhaustive aide that could prove to be useful while setting up and distributing your Handshake Shopify Provider Profile. You can utilize this profile to sell your item in Handshake Commercial center. The article likewise records down the significance of Handshake Shopify Reconciliation for your business.

What Is Shopify Handshake?

Shopify Handshake is an internet based B2B commercial center where brands can sell their items discount to retailers at no expense. All discount providers on the Handshake stage are situated in the US and handpicked by Shopify.

Initially, Handshake was a free organization that gave stock administration programming to retailers. However, Shopify procured Handshake in 2019 and relaunched it as Shopify Handshake in late 2020.

Selling on Shopify Handshake is basic. You list items free of charge and boat them out when retailers buy them.

There are no posting or offering expenses to sell items on Shopify Handshake. Be that as it may, your business should be enrolled in the US.

In spite of the fact that Shopify Handshake is at present just accessible in the US, Shopify plans to grow it to different nations later on.

Why Use Shopify Handshake?

As a brand proprietor, Shopify Handshake furnishes you with a straightforward, simple and free method for offering discount to retailers and stores.

Shopify’s primary objective with Handshake is to assist you with adding another business channel to develop your business. Dissimilar to other discount commercial centers, Shopify Handshake permits you to discuss straightforwardly with purchasers with no limitations. As it were, Shopify Handshake resembles the Alibaba of US discount.

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As a purchaser, Shopify Handshake offers you the chance to construct associations with US-based wholesalers. You likewise get products a lot quicker than purchasing discount from China.

Shopify Handshake is still generally new so assuming that you join currently, you’ll have an early mover advantage and secure yourself a long time before your rivals.

By and large, Shopify Handshake is a phenomenal stage for wholesalers who need to develop with the stage and for retailers who need to purchase from US-based providers.

How To Sell On Shopify Handshake

1. Registration To Sell On Handshake

Here are requirements you need to meet if you want to sell on this marketplace:

  • Your business is in the United States

  • Your Shopify store needs to be active and has made sales

  • Your products cannot be resold from other businesses

  • Your products need to comply with the product categories on the Handshake marketplace.

  • Your products must comply with Handshake Terms of Service and Handshake Product Guidelines

  • Your product images must comply with the Handshake Photography Guidelines.

  • You need to enable a direct payment provider on your store

If your store meets those requirements, you can install the Handshake sales channel in the Shopify admin. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Go to the Shopify App Store >> “Handshake for Suppliers”.

  • Step 2: Click on “Add App” >> “Add Sales Channel”

  • Step 3: Check the confirmation box, then choose “Continue” to accept both conditions and terms.

After the Handshake sales channel is added to the Shopify admin, your business will be reviewed within 10-14 business days. You will then receive an email about whether you’re eligible to sell or not; and if nothing sends to you, check the Spam folder or contact the team at [email protected].

2. Set Up Handshake Supplier Profile

After your business is permitted to sell on Handshake, you really want to set up your supplierprofile on this stage. Handshake could be seen as under the “Business Channels” on the administrator, with the “Profile” right on the main page. It’s not until you distribute this profile will your items and data be accessible to the guests.

Your profile could be modified by adding a logo, a header picture, and different subtleties… Here we will tell you the best way to set your request least, delivering strategies, and transportation rates:

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In the Shopify administrator, go to “Handshake” > “Inclinations”. In the Transportation part, there are two choices:

“Same as store settings” implies that you utilize the very transportation rates that have been now set up in the administrator. It very well may be Shopify transportation or insect level rates that you’ve made.

“Set custom rates for Handshake” signifies to set specific rates for Handshake orders, which is strongly suggested when you use Shopify store for both discount and retailers.
To create a gain or on the off chance that you offer motivating forces like free transportation, you really want to set a base request esteem. The base request worth could be fixed under the “Transportation” part.

To wrap things up, you can likewise add delivery and merchandise exchanges for your internet based store. It could incorporate some data, for example, request handling time, delivering expenses, transporting choices, return and discount arrangements, etc…

3. Set Up Your Products

Your products in the Shopify admins will be automatically synced to the “Products” page in the Handshake sales channel. If you want to remove any products, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: In the Shopify admin, click on “Products” and select the items you want to remove.

  • Step 2: In the “Sales Channels and Apps” on the right hand, click on “Manage”.

  • Step 3: Uncheck the Handshake checkbox.

  • Step 4: Click on “Save” to finish.

    Presently the items will be accessible for retail clients, however not accessible for wholesalecustomers on Handshake.

    To will see each of the items accessible on the Handshake deals channel and oversee item status, cost, and item classifications, go to the Shopify Administrator, then click on “Handshake” > “Items”. Here you can alter either in mass or exclusively.

    You can pick the item classification, set the evaluating structure, the base request, or the quantity of things sold for a situation.

    Envision that you’re selling Shirts and with the discount cost, you want to offer no less than 30 things to procure a benefit. You will set the “Base request” at 30 things and “Things per case” at 15; so when a client purchases your Shirt on Handshake, they should purchase no less than 30 things, equalling to 2 cases.

4. Publish The Supplier Profiles

When you’ve finished setting up products and preferences, it’s time to publish the profile and make it live on

  • Step 1: From the “Profile” page, click on “Publish Profile”

  • Step 2: Click on “Publish” in the popup.

  • Step 3: Click on “View Profile” on the left hand to see what it looks like on

Now your products are ready to be purchased! Every order will show up in your Shopify admin so that you can fulfill them easier and more conveniently.

Handshake: A New Way to Do Wholesale on Shopify

Discount commercial centers have been a unique advantage for the two providers and retailers. Which is something to be thankful for.

All things considered, no one’s anxious to choose things by line sheet number, or monitor messages dissipated all through their inbox.

Online discount just moved forward with the send off of Handshake, the pristine discount commercial center fabricated and worked by Shopify. Whether you’re a retailer wanting to balance your index or a provider hoping to land new business, Handshake is for you.

As a wholesale marketplace, Handshake:

  • Gives retailers access to tens of thousands of products from handpicked suppliers
  • Brings new business to brands that sell wholesale
  • Connects retailers and suppliers to create lasting, scalable relationships

Best of all, Handshake does this all from within the Shopify ecosystem. So if you’re already using Shopify, your inventory, billing, and orders will all be in the same places you’re used to.

Source products from wholesalers

We talked with retailers from all over North America before building Handshake. And that’s why we’re thrilled to offer the following:

  • Less searching, more sales. Handshake is a curated lookbook of cool products, which means you get to the good stuff faster, online, and with Handshake’s speedy search and filtering.
  • Products that wow from one-of-a-kind brands. Stock your store with on-trend items that customers will love. All brands on Handshake are handpicked, so you know you’ll shop from distinctive makers from across the United States. Want local products? Try the “suppliers from” filter.
  • Meet the makers. Strike up relationships with the brains (and hands) behind unique items. Deal directly with independent creators, not resellers, who know their products and stories inside out, and own the brand their products carry.



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